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Facts on Rodents
Maxirodent® AR 3303
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Facts on Termites
Matermitan® AT 3300
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Maxirodent AR 3303®

Specification | MSDS
EVA based Non-toxic, non-hazardous, halogen free, Anti-rodent masterbatches. Eco friendly grade. Suitable for cable, pipes and film application.
Matermitan AT 3300®

Specification | MSDS
EVA based Non-toxic, non-hazardous, halogen free, Anti-termite masterbatches. Eco friendly grade. Suitable for cable, pipes and film application.
Maxicombi AR 3303®
 / AT 3300™

Specification MSDS
EVA based Non-toxic, non-hazardous, halogen free, Anti-rodent cum Anti-termite masterbatches. Eco friendly grade. Suitable for cable, pipes and film application where low dosage required particularly for crosslinking material.
Nycolon A6L-12™ series

Specification | MSDS
Polyamide 12 widely used as anti-termite cable coating, technical flexible hoses, fuel line, low modulus crack resistant , extrusion to molding available.
Nycolon A6L-11™ series

Specification | MSDS
Polyamide 11 widely used as anti-termite cable coating, technical flexible hoses, fuel line, consumer goods, oil and gas flexible pipes , sports equipment application.
Nycoflon A7L-PVDF™ series

Specification | MSDS
PVDF is a specialty plastic material in the fluoropolymer family. Is an opaque, semi-crystalline, thermoplastic. It is used generally in applications requiring the highest purity, strength, and resistance to solvents, acids, bases and heat and low smoke generation during a fire event. Main application is for monofilament, molding, cable insulation application.
Nycope –A8L-PEBA™ series

Specification | MSDS
PEBA is a high performance thermoplastic elastomer. It is used to replace common elastomers – thermoplastic polyurethanes, polyester elastomers, and silicones - for these characteristics: lower density among TPE, superior mechanical and dynamic properties (flexibility, impact resistance, energy return, fatigue resistance) and keeping these properties at low temperature (lower than -40 °C), and good resistance against a wide range of chemicals. Application for sports equipment and high end shoe soles.


Maxirodent AR 3303
Tocix Free Anti Rodent /
Vermin masterbatches
Matermitan AT 3300  
Tocix Free Anti termite /
Insect masterbatches
Maxicombi AR 3303/
AT 3300
Tocix Free Antitermite cum
Antorodent masterbatches
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Global leader in high perforamance engineering resin compounding
providing solution for industries
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Product such as Anti termite of type Aldrin/ Dieldrin/ Heptachlor/ Copper Nafthanic/ Bifentrin (or others classified as organochlorins) is not acceptable and widely banned in most developing countries.

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Feature Product



Non-Toxic and Lead Free

  Extremely low concentrations of the active components make it safe to handle for manufacturing and installation personnel having Lethal Dose LD50 (rat – oral) rating greater than 5000mg/kg.ROHS compliant as per EU Directive 2002/95/EC.


Easy Dosing of Application and Handling

  The application of the termite / Rodent repellent are based on recommended addition rate (%) for highest performance without exceeding hazard limit. The product shall be supplied in free flowing granules and can be readily handled with commercial available equipment.


Electrically Neutral

  Will not affect cable dielectric properties insulation. Easily incorporated into the cable manufacturing process and compatible with a wide range of jacketing compounds, thermoplastic or thermoset.


No Water Soluble

  Less than one part-per-billion water solubility of the active ingredient signifies no concerns with installations in areas of high soil moisture. Will not leach into the water table with water solubility rating less than 0l01mg/L at 25℃.


High Soil Binding Coefficient

  Active that migrates from the cable jacket binds firmly to soil organic compounds extending the protective repellence barrier. The additives having soil absorption constant Log Koc greater than 3.0.


Thermal stability and Halogen free

  Efficacy unaffected by temperatures exceeding 200℃ and does not caused any release of harmful gas at elevated temperature. It is halogen free and ROHS compliance without releasing harmful toxic fume in burning test particularly HFFR and XL HFFR application accordance to IEC 60754-2 and smoke density test IEC 61034.


Soil Stability

  The compound additives will not degrade in a wide variety of soil acidity or alkalinity conditions. It shall have high biodegradability rating with Octanol-Water Partition constant Log Kow not exceeding 6.5.


Available in customised specification and no modification of process required

  Providing custom MFI required by customer for various application such as film and technical extrusion profiles. Customer do not need special equipment in handling such additives.

Application : Maxirodent 3303 and Matermitan 3300

  • Wire and Cable industries particularly for power, control, telecommunication cable etc used in industrires such as underground cable, solar cable, power plant, on-shore chemical plant, on-shore Oil and Gas plant,  shipboard and railway, housing wire for high-rise building.
  • Algricultural and micro irrigation systems.
  • Gas Pipes.
  • Automotive special wire harness where some special case of antispider requirement.
  • Bedding and carpets.
  • Special Films application.
  • Special packaging for agricultural film.