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PTFE Powder 

PTFE Powder - Specification

Overview Characteristics of PTFE MICROPOWDERS

PTFE MICROPOWDERS can be used as an additive to improve lubricant and tribological properties of thermoplastics, paints, coatings, greases, and inks.

The PTFE MICROPOWDERS concentration can be 1% to 20% and the best characteristics are:
  • Inert to all chemical solvent
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Excellent electrical insulator
  • Enhance abrasion resistance
  • Reduce friction coefficient and mechanical wear
  • Reduce surface contamination
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Modify appearance

PTFE MICROPOWDER are divided into two categories:


PTFE from Suspension Polimerization


PTFE from Dispersion Polimerization

Our production plant of Synergychem are new and allow the production of highest quality virgin PTFE MICROPOWDERS. FOOD CONTACT range are also available.