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Specialty Additive 
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Maxirodent AR 3303™
Sustainable environmental friendly non-toxic,
non-hazardous, non-dangerous.
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Matermitan AT 3300™
EVA based, non-toxic and non-hazardous halogen-free.
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Polyamide 11, 12
Fuel Hoses, Anti-Termite Cable Coating Protection
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PVDF Compound
Specialty Fluoropolymer High Temperature Cable & Moulding
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Mineral Filled
LSOH Flame Retardant Meeting Most Stringent
Mark Standard including Latest CPR Standard
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Specialty additives for cable.  more details >>
Specialty compound.  more details >>
  Mineral Filled LSOH Compound  
Synergychem Pte. Ltd. develops, produces and markets
Maxirodent AR 3303®Matermitan AT 3300® and Maxicombi AR 3303®/ AT 3300® are sustainable environmental friendly non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-dangerous and environmentally safe thermoplastic masterbatches used as termite and rodent control in various sectors particularly in wire cable, gas pipes netting and film application.
Nycolon Polyamide 11, 12®, PEBA and PVDF are used for wire cable, automotive fuel hoses , consumer goods and industrial devices etc. Termite resistant Nylon 12 and rodent series are also available using proprietary formulation.
GFR series, AFR series, G series, E series, R series and B series are Mineral filled encapsulated Low Smoke Halogen free solution compounds, meeting all stringent safety fire resistant cable requirements. The fire properties of cables are of great importance from a fire safety perspective. We provide total solution to meet latest European CPR regulation combining technology using E beam radiation, Moisture curable Sioplas method, bedding sheathing and CCV line production method.
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